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I realized I hadn't updated my "About Me" section in roughly ten centuries but then I went and blanked after deleting the original and now I don't what to do with this. I'm just typing here in the hopes that something less than shitty will appear. It's not working. Whoops.

BUT I'm into a TON of different things, love me some comics (DC or Marvel), though I am partial to the BatFam. Definitely into Doctor Who, Attack on Titan, Star Wars and Star Trek. Always here for some Harry Potter, and a little Supernatural and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit never hurt anyone. Desserts WILL be my downfall but I also love pretty things like space, flowers and beautiful clothes. And never underestimate a meaningful social commentary~

I love chatting with people so if you're ever bored, upset about something or even just super amused by some post, message me!
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  • january: post halloween candy hangover
  • feburuary: couples halloween
  • march: almost halloween
  • april: almost halloween
  • may: almost halloween
  • june: almost halloween
  • july: almost halloween
  • august: almost halloween
  • september: basically halloween
  • november: still halloween
  • december: halloween for jesus

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An alien princess and her boyfriend.



this is my favourite version you cant stop me


Basically the movie.

“Chris [Pratt] never uses a spit bucket. When you do scenes where a character is eating, you eat and then spit it out into a ‘spit bucket.’ Chris just keeps eating. If you see Andy eating a cheeseburger in a scene, you should know Chris Pratt ate like 8 cheeseburgers. I love that guy.”

Aziz Ansari (via hellagaby)

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Speaking dos languages diferentes in a sentence because eres a multicultural motherfucker.

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"God, I don’t even know where to start. I’m here. I’m here for you, okay? No matter what. You can scream and you can yell and be as mean and self-destructive as you want. Because I know you’re going to be here for me when it’s my turn to fall apart. Let them come, Clint. Let every one of those tracksuit-wearing sub-verbal bullying scumbags come at us. Because you and me? Together? Together, Clint, I think you and me are the person we both wish we could be. And I know that person is worth something. I know that person can pretty much do anything."


King Baby says No


Green Lantern: New Guardians #025

just a few things make me as happy as “jerk” panels


Green Lantern: New Guardians #025

just a few things make me as happy as “jerk” panels


Alley by Nemuru_ko