WHY YOU THERE. YES, YOU WITH THE FACE. HOW YOU DOING? WHAT'S GOOD? I'll tell you what's good: my snark and extensive knowledge of song lyrics and anything movie-related. DOCTOR WHO and SHERLOCK and ICE CREAM and ANYTHING MARVEL OR DC and NOT WEARING PANTS and MERLIN. ALL ARE QUITE ENJOYABLE. DISNEY IS FOR THE YOUNG OF HEART, MEANING ME. And Once Upon a Time is exciting as all get out.
Game of Thrones also fascinates me and Hunger Games is brilliant. Supernatural has a cast full of beautiful people and Star Trek makes me geek out. I fare no better with Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. Best not to mention Star Wars at all ... I may go nerd on you. YE BE WARNED.


Anastasia (1997)

On the wind. ‘Cross the sea. Hear this song and remember. Soon you’ll be home with me. Once upon a December.


Jay: You’re getting your braces off?
Ted: This I gotta see.
Thom: Great Xanthu, I’ve never seen a dentist before! ooo! Can I come?!
Courtney: I didn’t mean everybody.

JSA v3 #26

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Chris Daughtry - Covers Imagine Dragon’s "Radioactive" 

THIS is the cover we’ve been waiting for, folks. EVERYONE ELSE CAN GO HOME.

Reblogging again because more people need to hear this. SRSLY.

This is quite pleasant to my ears.